How to Install a New Toilet

How to Install a New Toilet

December The purpose of this site is to describe the process involved with obtaining and installing a high capacity above 1. High capacity toilets are desirable for a variety of reasons, including more complete exchange of water in the basin, more effective cleaning of the sides of the basin, and in the case of washdown toilets, a smaller fouling region on sides of the basin and often a wider drain valve that is less likely to clog. I am neither a plumber, nor a lawyer, so consult one of each before attempting anything described on this page. This page constitutes neither legal advice, nor plumbing advice, as I am not qualified to dispense either one. I used Home Depot part numbers on the shower page. So, in the interest of free market competition, I’m using Ace part numbers below. However, this stuff is pretty generic, so it shouldn’t matter whose you use. One and a half to three hours of time, depending on your mechanical inclination and how corroded your toilet fasteners are Optional: A small package of plumber’s putty Optional: A pack of toilet shims Ace Legal Ramifications:

Installation of pumps, grinders, and toilets for the home

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Jun 29,  · Preferred method to PEX connect toilet? Preferred method to PEX connect toilet? (post #) JohnT8 on Fri, 06/27/ – in. Construction Techniques; I’ve seen about 3 or 4 different ways to do it, but I was curious if there was a preferred way to connect the toilet .

A few things here, First make sure the vent on the roof is clear, the black tank will be vented to the roof, sometimes small animals like to make nests under the cap. Make sure no leaves pine needles are under that. The tank needs to breath and vent or the tank may not drain or drain slowly. Next it gets a bit messy, since you can see the toilet paper at the top I would get an old garden hose and stick it down the toilet try to work it up and down and then briefly have someone turn the water on, sometimes the piping from the tank from the toilet can get clogged.

IF you have room you can also dump a few bags of ice down the toilet, hook up and drive, the bumpier the better, sometimes the ice will scrub the tanks. As far as products Happy Camper makes a product they may work Click HERE to view that

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Alternatives to Flush Toilets and Septic Systems by Larry Losoncy, PhD Information is available on the Internet for anyone researching alternatives to flush toilets, septic systems and hookup. Most of these products and technologies have been designed to address one or both of the two central problems presented by flushing away human waste.

Traditional Flush Sanitation A single flush can use up to eight gallons of water, with a household of four people using more than two hundred gallons a day just to flush the toilet.

Clogged toilet? No problem. With a little practice and a plunger or a toilet snake, even a home repair rookie can get most clogged toilets back up and running in minutes, without flooding the bathroom and making the situation worse.

Liked the SharkBite concept and design and “all parts included” packaging so bought 2 to replace the valves on both of my toilets. Unfortunately, SharkBite connectors aren’t to be used on chrome-plated pipes and that is what I found I have once I was ready to replace my shut off valves. Am now looking into cutting the chrome-plated valve pipe from the copper pipe stub at the wall but that will turn into a project on its own so am putting off using the SharkBite Toilet valve for the time being.

I have been so impressed by these and other Sharkbite fittings that I feel like I am cheating when doing plumbing installations! It’s as simple as that! This faucet install kit comes with everything you need, including the Sharkbite removal tool! No soldering or compression joint that could leak! Shark its is also approved for behind wall use, so it shows the quality and no leak confidence! Bye bye copper, hello Sharkbite!! When swapping out a fact recently I found the old valve fully seized and it simply would not budge.

I hacksawed off the old valve, lightly sanded the pipe to get rid of any burs, and simply slid this valve in place.

Clever Toilet Paper Storage or Holder Ideas

I am very happy to say though that the technology or lack there of of the composting toilet is great, I love my potty! This entire project has been fundamentally about learning. This is my experience: I like it way better than a flush toilet, honestly. There are NO smells at all there is a fan that creates a constant vacuum of air going to the outside. It is warm when you use it the unit I have has a small heater , no back splashing and no one can hear you peeing!

The toilet seats we offer have the hinges built into the seat as do most brands of toilet seats. The manufacturers do not normally make replacement hinges for them. There are only a few manufacturers of toilet seats, and they all seem to make hinges specifically to fit each particular seat model and, unfortunately, the hinges are not.

The good news is that most flushing mechanisms are easy to fix. While toilet flushing systems can vary, most toilets use a flapper system to control the flush. Keep scrolling after the jump to learn how to check and fix a toilet flapper. You should see a white plastic tube called an overflow tube in the tank. Attached to the tube will be the flapper guides, two arms that hold either side of the rubber flapper. This sits near the bottom of the overflow tube. Attached to the guide arms is the flapper, a round piece of rubber that is supposed to fit tightly in a hole in the bottom of the tank.

Attached to the top of the flapper will be a chain or metal rod.

How to Install an RV Holding Tank

So I have found myself looking for tips on how to keep a toilet clean without using those blue water chemical tank things. So here is what I have found so far. It actually put a dent in the rust ring with out me even washing the toilet! A small bottle of vinegar!

My install requires plumbing coming up along the foundation wall through the floor of a bedroom, and placing the toilet in the mudroom (which the foundation is separate because it was a covered porch which has been enclosed).

Toilet Paper Roll Cover and Kitschy Doily Knit version So what do you do if you want to have a spare roll of toilet paper easily available, and want to protect it from dust, but that’s all? Toilet Paper Roll Cover Dimensions: To fit your roll of toilet paper. The sample measures 5″ in diameter by 4. To weave in ends Stitch markers: Unbroken ring markers are good for knitting, but not for crochet. This is couture toilet roll fashion. Custom made to fit that particular roll. If your toilet paper comes in large rolls, you may need more yarn.

The basic idea of making a circle is that you increase the number of stitches in each round by the number of stitches that you had in the first round. So if you have 8 sc in the first round, the second round will have 16, and the third round will have 24, and the fourth round will have 32 and so on. You do this by working 1 stitch into a certain number of sc from the previous round, then working 2 sc into the next stitch.

How My Composting Toilet ACTUALLY Works

By Don Casey Revised by BoatUS editors in April The apparent complication of marine toilet installations today can have you reexamining the merits of a cedar bucket. Here is some help. But direct discharge of untreated sewage into the coastal and inland waters of the United States has been illegal since

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Plan the location you would like to install the unit. When planning the location, consider the path of the eventual supply and waste plumbing. Then, demo the wall structure in this area to expose the wall framing and plumbing. The bathroom wall framing after wall removal showing the sad, original two-piece toilet. Modify the wall framing for the in-wall toilet carrier frame and tank unit. Our cabin bathroom has standard 2 x 4 wood stud construction.

Knowing this, I doubled the studs framing the cavity where the in-wall toilet frame would be mounted and reinforced the studs with Simpson Strong Tie gusset plates and structural grade fasteners. Plan and run supply and waste plumbing. The toilet system will require a water supply line and a waste pipe within the footprint of the wall cavity.

Rain Barrel to Toilet Installation

I used it once in a while, but found it time consuming to fill watering cans and so it went mostly unused. Living near Seattle, I get about 37 inches of rain a year. I often see installed rain barrels and rainwater tanks around here used for gardens and flowers that are full and overflowing, not living up to their potential. I thought there must be a simpler way to use more harvested rainwater year ’round. My solution was to relocate my rain barrel on my back porch and then hook it up to my downstairs toilet.

This configuration sets the rain barrel about 8 feet above the toilet.

Oct 30,  · I was at the big box store and saw a toilet to pex supply line that has built in stop valve and also a faucet to pex supply lin that also has a built in stop valve, do I just drill a hole through the.

October 24, at Now my toilet over flows. Do you know if we can fix this without having to call a plummer? This sounds like a job for a closet auger. Sandy October 21, at Bryan September 25, at 9: My son flushed a whole onion down the toilet yesterday and after plunging it a few times, there is still nothing coming up.

Why aren’t we all using Japanese toilets

Bathrooms Plumbing an entire bathroom may seem like a big project and in some cases it is. Running all the waste and water lines through floor joists and walls can take some planning and trial and error. That’s the hard part of plumbing a bathroom and it’s different for each project.

Inside the washroom, the toilet may have a swivel bowl to make the most of a tight space, and the flush may be electrically powered from the unit’s leisure battery or using the site’s electric hook-up.

There are three types of tanks that can be installed as a holding tank for an RV. The first type of tank allows you to hold fresh water to drink, shower, do the dishes, or flush your toilet. No matter what type of tank you want to install, you can complete your RV project with the guide below. They can be made from plastic, polyethylene, and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, or ABS. Decide which material best suites your budget and application. Keep in mind where the plumbing fixtures are located on your RV.

You will want to be specific in your drawings, making sure you mark where the toilet, sinks, and shower fixtures are located. Step 3 — Draw in the Holding Tanks Next, outline where the holding tanks are to be installed. For a black holding tank, you will want your toilet to be positioned over top of it.

How to Install a Toilet : How to Attach a Toilet Tank to the Bowl

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